The Beginning of the End · The End of the Beginning

by Nahrayan

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Jared Shaw A Doom Metal album full of otherworldly chants, and heavy, droning, dark riffs, with the occasional melody taking a turn in an interlude or outro here or there. Very solid, and recommendable to those who love Doom/drone metal. Favorite track: Red Moon/Last Sunrise.
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"After seven years of existence (2000 · 2007) and being dead for four years more, Julian and Miguel have decided rescue Nahrayan from the world of the dead, and re-record some songs of the band, adding two unrealeased tracks. The main reason to do that is that now, they can offer a better sound quality, better arrangements and at the end, do the songs as they had in their mind, more powerful, dark, melancholic and heavy than the old recordings. This is the way to express the things that they tried to express in the past, but they couldn´t do for various reasons.

Let´s begin the end, let´s end the beginning."

Nahrayan have been Miguel (drums), Julian (guitar), Juanjo (bass), Antonio (vocals), Pablo (guitar and keyboards), Miguel Palazón (guitars), Antonio Ramón (keyboards), Victor (vocals), José Alberto (guitars), and all the people around the world who always supported us, in the past and in the times to come.

Thank you very much.


released June 12, 2012

Julian: guitars, bass, effects and vocals.
Miguel: drums and percussion.

Lyrics and concept: Miguel and Julian.
New arrangements: Julian.
Female vocals on Barathrum Fields and The End by Isabel Sierras.

Recorded in MarchaLenta Studio (Elche, Alicante), except drums recorded in Nuevo Rock Studio (Torrellano, Alicante)
Mixed and mastered by Julian in MarchaLenta Studio.



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Nahrayan Alicante, Spain

Nahrayan is an atmospheric post-doom/sludge metal band from Spain.

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Track Name: Demons Without Face
Written in stone
bringers of exile
shadows on the floor
Black wings

full of dead

flesh into ashes
sulfur everywhere
bloody skulls
in their hands

Red and black
earth and sky
doomed weak flesh

full of dead
doomed weak
demons without face
Track Name: Barathrum Fields
slow complaint
broken and collapsed
dead hills
in a deaf shore

infertile fields
of sunken hopes
under a sea
of glowing embers

human empire will fall down
infected by the human disease
damnation is the price

crusade against the human plague
remnants of a war
crusade against the human plague
in the barathrum fields

dead hills
in a deaf shore
infertile fields
of sunken hopes
Track Name: When Sun Sets Down
Light surrenders
unto the black cascade

Lie down
to inhale your last breathe

When sun sets down
I'll rest in peace
I'll close my eyes
When night arrives

Falling, falling
in a perpetual void
of nothingness
Track Name: Red Moon/Last Sunrise
Red moon
extends her flight
under the black heaven
no reflections
no breath

Nevermore night light rides
Red blood On the last moon

Wake down from (the) arc of descent

Wake up in the arc of ascent
made in a tunnel by seven demons
Nemesis for your sins
Red moon took your souls

Asmodai, Baal, Mammon, Belphegor
Amon, Leviathan, Lucifer
Track Name: A Dying Sun
Friends of god
Under a pile
of dead expire
without movement

waiting for a gap
A dying sun
Escaping to the cold
A dying sun
Wounded, forgotten

(they) rise proud gobbling souls
Enemies of hopes

A dying sun
Distant memories
Track Name: Hollow Grief
Resigned to see the end punished and erased
by your selfish wishes and your hate

Fear and regret to a sudden death
Late remission Not enough to let you live

Black lava numbs you
Fire wind burns you


Why did you lie? Why did you kill?
Innocent will die because of you
The human race will die because of you
Rotten souls ruled this world
and now they gather their harvest
Death, Destruction

We are the hate
inside your soul
We are the fear
that lives in you
Track Name: The End
Bones, turn to dust
soul, comes into the void
sun, swallow us all

Feeling so lost
We jump into the cosmic storm
Nothingness awaits for us
and we collect our harvest

fire, void
Fire and then void

Doomed flesh burnt
Hopes buried in the core
forgotten dead planet
has passed away
Earth turns to dust